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Below are colours that are available in South Africa. When referring to rat varieties, the colour comes before the marking, ie Black Hooded, Blue Capped, etc.

:: Agouti

This colour is a deep, rich brown in colour. They can have many other colours flecked amongst their fur, such as reddish browns, light tans, cream, and black. This is the typical “wild rat” colour. Agoutis bellies are usually lighter coloured, and their coats range from a deep red to a light rust colour.

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:: Black

This colour fur should preferably have no rust in it, but rusting tends to happen as the rat ages. The eyes will be black as well.

Black Self. Photo and rat owned by Viia (Spurgus)

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:: Amber (more commonly known as Silver fawn overseas)

This is a light orange colour, with flecks of white. The belly should be off white and the eyes pink. Amber rats take about 4 to 6 months before the final colour shade is reached and can often be confused with Champagne.

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:: Fawn

This is an orange colour, with flecks of white. Eyes are pink.

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:: Champagne

Sometimes confused with Amber. Eyes are pink and the coat is a light pink colour.

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:: Pink eyed white (also known as Albino or PEW)

Probably the most infamous colour of rat. This coat is completely white, and eyes, obviously, pink. A yellowing of the coat can be found sometimes in the older males.

Black eyed whites (BEW) are also found, but some classify this as a marking, rather than a colour. Same as PEWs but with black eyes.

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:: Siamese

This coat colour has a beige base colour. Darker points on the nose, ears, tail and base of tail, and on their feet. Most commonly found is ‘seal point’ which is a black point marking, but other colour varients can be found, such as mink points, blue points, etc. The true Siamese will keep their beige colour throughout their lives, whereas the lesser quality (ie not show quality) will fade to a cream-white colour. Eyes can be pink or black.

Siamese Dumbo. Photo and rat owned by Settican (Zahra)

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:: Himalayan

Same as Siamese only with a cream base colour. Himalayans are actually born white and progress as they age. Eyes can be pink or black.

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:: Burmese

The ideal Burmese colour should be a mid-brown, with darker points of the same shade. There should be a a clear contrast between the points and body colour. Eyes are black. Burmese shades can vary greatly, however.

Burmese Dumbo Self. Photo and rat owned by Viia (Bradley)

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:: Slate/Powder Blue

Slate/Powder blues can come in a variety of shades, but the most common being a light blue like the mid-day sky.

Powder Blue Hooded (Intel)/font>

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:: Russian Blue & Russian Silver

Russian Blue colouring is a nice deep shade of blue, similar to the cat breed of the same name. Slight heathering of silver is found on each hair. Russian Silver is a lighter version. Eyes can be black or Ruby.

Russian Blue Self. Photo and rat owned by Viia (Axel)

Russian Silver Capped with Blaze (Feyrith)

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:: Mink

An even grey-brown colour. Eyes are black.

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:: Cinnamon

A mink agouti. A reddish brown color with agouti ticking.

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:: Chocolate

Chocolate colour is, simply, a rich chocolate brown. Flecks of white in the coat are avoided. Eyes are black.

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