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Markings are determined by the different ways in which the white areas of the coat are arranged on the body and head of the rat. PEWs and BEWs are limited to no markings, but the rest of the colours can come in almost any marking.

:: Self

This marking should have no trace of white patches on the body. More common though is white on the toes.

Black Self. Photo and rat owned by Viia (Spurgus)

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:: Irish & English Irish

English Irish is a marking of a triangular white spot under the chest, between the forearms. This chest marking could be as small as a tiny patch of white hairs. The front feet should be white and back feet should also be white to half their length. Irish marking is the same, only on the stomach, not reaching the chest area.

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:: Berkshire

Whole area between front and back feet should be white, but white should not extend up into the rat’s sides. Front legs should be white up to half their length and back feet should be white to the ankles.

Russian Blue Berkshire with Blaze. Photo and rat owned by Settican(Sage)

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:: Variegated

Variegated markings of colour down and over the back.

Black Variegated with Blaze (Orlith)

Black Variegated with Blaze (Orlith)

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:: Hooded

A very common marking found most frequently in “pet-shop rats”. This marking is a coloured head, with a line running down the centre of the back. Ideally this line should be 1cm thick, and not broken, but this is rare. Most hooded markings will also include a white strip under the chin down to the chest.

Black Hooded. Photo and rats owned by Viia (Twinky & Picasso)

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:: Capped

Capped markings should only cover the face up to the base of the skull. A small V shaped cutout at the back of the cap is also acceptable. Ideally this marking should have no jagged edges, and run smoothly throughout.

Black Capped Mismarked Dumbo. Photo owned by Angeleen (Wirenth)

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:: Bareback

Almost identical to the hooded, only without the marking down the back. The marking should fully and smoothly cover the head, neck, and shoulders.

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:: Husky/Roan

Husky markings start out solid, but fade with age. There are slow and fast faders, and sometimes can fade to almost white. The end result of a husky marking resembles that of the dog breed of the same name. This marking can be combined with blazed, berk or badger markings.

Agouti Badger Husky (young). Photo owned by Angeleen (Ramoth)

:: Blazed

Easily identified by a white mark down the face. Ideally it should be evenly spaced down the centre. Other variations are lightning and half-moon/crescent. This marking can be combined with other markings such as variegated and capped, but not all are accepted in showing.

Black Variegated with Blaze (Orlith)

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:: Baldie

The baldie marking is an unstanderdised one and is similar to the capped marking. Baldies will have a white triangle in the middle of the head, from between the eyes, with a stripe running down to the white on the neck. Colour fading is normal.

Agouti Baldie. Photo and rat owned by Settican (James)

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