Depending on the type of cage you have, you should choose your bedding accordingly. There is a big no-no when it comes to bedding/litter, which most pet shops fail to mention: pine and cedar shavings are toxic! This can, and will, damage your rat’s lungs and possibly cause liver damage, no matter what pet shop sales people try to tell you.

This is because the shavings have chemicals in them called phenols, which is the cause of the problems. So please, for your rat’s sake, do not use pine or cedar shavings.

You will rather want to purchase some organic corn cob bedding or “Kenaf” bedding for their cage.

For your ratties to sleep in, however, try to avoid giving them newspaper. It might seem like its economical, but the ink can transfer to their fur which they will lick off and ingest, which wont do them good in the long run. Also newspaper tends to absorb moisture too quickly and your rat will end up sleeping in its own wet puddles!

Plain paper (e.g. Rotatrim) that’s been shredded in a shredder is a good alternative. Otherwise any old leg a tracksuit or any cloth will do. Just try not to give them materials that can come apart easily and be a choking hazard and be sure to wash any material bedding regularly!

Another addition is a hammock for your rats – they will love sleeping in it and the added bonus is that its washable so your rats always have a clean bed, thats off the litter that they poop and pee on! These are also available from our shop in a variety of colours!

Bedding & Litter
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  • September 11, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    Hi just saved 2 baby rats from being fed to a snake. I’m picking up a proper cage tomorrow but would like to know where to purchase the correct food and where to purchase Korn Cob bedding?

    My daughter is over the moon so want to keep them but at the same time give them the best life I can.

    I am based in Cape Town.


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