Do you have dates you need to remember? Are you tracking your ratties’ weight/medicine/birthdays? Or just simply need an everyday calendar?

If yes, then consider a RATANOOGA Calendar!

Priced at only R135 (excl p&p) per calendar

Postage and Packaging:

R135 per calendar

R35 P&P incl insurance and tracking number. (this is for up to 2 calendars)

No collection option available unless you live in Pinelands.

International: we are unsure about international orders at this time, due to our payment method. If you’re able to deposit into a bank account here in SA, then you’re welcome to contact Tails and request a price.

Ordering Method (a little old-school but we’re working on it):

Email Tails with the following details (use this as a check list before sending the email!)

  • Your real name as well as your forum name if you are on the forums.
  • Quantity of calendars you’re ordering.
  • Your delivery address and postal code
  • You will receive an invoice with banking details.
    NOTE: To those who have ordered before, BANKING DETAILS HAVE CHANGED!

    Pay invoice. Proof of payment to be sent to Tails by closing date.

    Please use invoice number as reference on payment! (please, for my own sanity, and surity that your order is received properly, please send POP to me. I can track it in bank statements, but that’s a lot more work and mistakes can happen that way and payments can be overlooked or mislinked).

    Your order is ONLY confirmed once payment has been received. You will get a confirmation email once payment has been received.

    Orders and payments close on 28 Nov 2012 (money must clear by 30 Nov latest)! This year, no late payments will be accepted, and should a late payment be made, it will be kept aside for next year’s calendar.

    As always, I would like to make this process as smooth as possible, and let everyone get them asap, so please try and make payment promptly after you receive your invoice.

    RN Calendars – Ordering Info
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