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Awwwww: The uncontrollable word you utter when viewing a new baby rat, or whilst watching your own rat do something cute.
Aquafrenzy: A fit of uncontrollable terror involving anatomically inconceivable twisting and writhing, ear piercing screeching and maniacal claw shredding exerted by a rat who dislikes baths.


Boggling: The movement of eyes reverberating in the head, witnessed in some rats during a brux. Boggling is also actually due to a common deformaty in rat skulls. Not all rats can boggle.
Brux: The act of grinding teeth in a rat’s equivilent to purring. Can also be done in advanced state of annoyance. Often accompanied by boggling.
Buck grease: The orange, oily coating that hormonal male rats get on their backs.


Cage fright: The terrible feeling of horror when you’ve left the house and are halfway to your destination (if not there already) and you suddenly worry that you’ve left the cage open (or worse, you realise you did leave the cage open!).
Cling-on: A rat who is determined not to let go of your clothing, even while you’re standing upright.
Corn-fishing: An alternative to pea-fishing when your rats greatly dislike peas.


Drive-by grooming: The act of a dominant rat sidling past an innocent bystander-rat, only to furiously groom the victim’s head/back/butt, and then continue on his way as though nothing ever happened.


Eeper: A term for a young rat.


Fuzzbutt: The loving nickname for a ratty in your family.


GGMR: Acronym for Gotta Get More Rats. Usually a syndrome from which a rat-owner suffers from periodically.
Gnaw: What rats need to do to keep their teeth in proper shape and length. Generally best done on raw-hide/calcium bones and hamster wood blocks.


Lick: The action of an overly-friendly rat (most likely a dumbo named Bradley). Or often seen done by greedy rats.


Marinate: What male rats tend to do in their hammock, after they’ve peed in it.
Mischief: The collective noun for a group of rats.


Pea-Fishing: The game where rats fish for peas in a shallow bowl of water. Often resulting in scheming rats who hate water. Also see corn-fishing.
Pednipology: The study of why rats love to bite socked toes. Also see Sockitry.


Raisins: The balls of an older rat
Rodentist: A rat skilled in human teeth cleaning and oral hygiene.


Sockitry: The obtuse intolerance rats have for socked feet. Almost always results in nipped socked-toes. Closely entwined with Pednipology
Squish: A large, fat rat that succumbs to gentle squishing during cuddles with its human.


Torpedoes: The general term for rat balls. Usually best used whilst in the company of others not-so-fond of rat chat.


Zap-Zap: The action of poking your rats on the belly, whilst they hang on the bars loving the attention. Normally done in a silly voice when no one else is around.

Glossary of Rat Terms
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