Foods to Avoid:

Bleu Cheese – the mould in it is toxic to rats
Carbonated Beverages – rats cannot burp, so the gas can cause severe discomfort.
Green Bananas – inhibits starch-digesting enzymes
Green Potato Skin and Eyes – contain solanine, a toxin.
Licorice – suspected to cause neurological poisoning in a rat.
Orange Juice – forbidden for male rats only, d-limonene in the skin oil, which gets into the orange juice during squeezing, can cause kidney damage and kidney cancer due to a protein that only male rats have in their kidneys. Pieces of the orange fruit are okay if you wash the orange-skin oil off of it after peeling it.
Raw Artichokes – inhibits protein digestion.
Raw Bulk Tofu or Meat– can contain bacteria, packaged raw tofu is safe.
Raw Dry Beans or Peanuts – contains antinutrients that destroy vitamin A and enzymes needed to digest protein and starches and causes red blood cells to clump.
Raw Red Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts – contains antinutrient that destroys thiamin.
Raw Sweet Potato – contains compounds that form cyanide in the stomach.
Rhubarb – contains high levels of oxalates. Rhubarb leaves contains oxalic acid and is poisonous if taken orally. It causes the heart to stop and it can be fatal.
Sticky foods such as Peanut Butter, some Candy, and Dried Fruits – poses a choking hazard. Peanut butter can be “cut” with jam or honey to make it more liquid, and reduce the possibility of choking.
Wild Insects – can carry internal parasites and diseases.


Foods to be Cautious Of:

Onion/Red Onion – is rumoured to be toxic in high doses but is currently unconfirmed.
Dried Corn – can contain high levels of fungal contaminates which has been shown to cause liver cancer in rats.
Mashed Potatos – Choking hazard due to the pasty texture.
Avocado Pear – Be very careful when feeding avo to rats – avoid the area by the seed/stone and the dark green bits by the skin.

Is This Food Safe?
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