Please, if you see any store selling glue traps, report them to the NSPCA! We have found many of China Town’s stores selling these illegal contraptions. The more they’re reported, the more can be done to stop them!





Consumer clout is powerful. The public is being called upon to make its feelings known regarding inhumane, irresponsible and destructive items on sale in stores: – known as

VASTRAP – GLUE TRAPS, made in Korea and imported by Heneck, Sacks and Co of Cape Town. PO Box 1211 CAPE TOWN 8000.

CRAZY STORES sell these traps.

Promoted on the packaging as “No poison, safety and sanitary, disposable”, the packaging advises purchasers and users to keep the items “out of reach of children and pet”. Directions on the pack include “To dispose of traps cover with newspaper and pick them up with dustpan and broom.”

These are literally traps of glue – food is placed inside to lure the animal which is then embedded and totally stuck in the glue. If a live animal were caught in the sticky glue trap and disposed of whilst still alive, the NSPCA believes a violation of the Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 would have taken place.

When these horrific contraptions were first investigated by the NSPCA some years ago, contact was made with Heneck Sacks who stated that suppliers in the Far East “have never experienced a complaint.” Not surprising as no-one would know how to get hold of them and the point of origin – Korea – is hardly renowned for its animal welfare record. The other known sales outlet of these dreadful glue traps withdrew them from sale following complaint from the NSPCA.

The NSPCA objections are :

:: The manner of death of any creature caught in these traps is prolonged and inhumane. The creature is literally stuck until it dies of exhaustion or starvation
:: ANY animal can be caught up and die in this manner. There are known cases of kittens or fledglings caught in these traps
:: The traps will not address a genuine rodent infestation problem
:: No controls are in place to restrict or limit sales of these contraptions, for example using either an age restriction or advising on the use and abuse
:: Persons of malicious intent may buy them freely
:: Lack of co-operation from the CRAZY STORE / HENECK SACKS groups.

The NSPCA sympathises with anyone who is experiencing a rodent problem but emphasises that there are humane ways to deal with such issues. Blatant, flagrant cruelty should not be tolerated and we call upon anyone who has seen these traps for sale to let us know where.

Let the details of the sales outlet also appear on our web site’s HALL OF SHAME – and let consumers make it known that they will support outlets, stores and companies that demonstrate ethical behavior in how they trade and what products they sell.

Click here for contact numbers for the NSPCA

Law Regarding Glue Traps
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2 thoughts on “Law Regarding Glue Traps

  • February 27, 2017 at 11:10 am

    Hi, the China Town in Milnerton are selling this rat sticky traps.

    • September 19, 2017 at 1:18 pm

      Thank you for noticing this. Please take note of the shop number and where they are situated on the shelves within the store and report them. The SPCA will do a check and handle it accordingly, but without the information I listed, they can’t do anything.


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